The Hirgrin Heist

An Introduction
Session 01: 01/21/17

The adventurers, all relatively new to Hirgrin, met one another and their employer, Sylphyn Vilspath, in the small back room of The Hopeful Hippogriff, a small, quaint inn, better known for its food than its lodgings.

Sylphyn explains that her uncle, Yaris Vilspath, a war hero turned community organizer, is being blackmailed by Kar fa'Naren, a shrewd politician, in order to keep the city's metalworkers from unionizing. She believes the politician has an incriminating letter written by her uncle during the war that united the Empire. The party agrees to break into fa'Naren's fortress of a manor and destroy the letter in question in exchange for fa'Naren's ledger that is likely being kept in the same impenetrable vault. Sylphyn has managed to uncover the name of the dwarven architect who recently oversaw rennovations to Kar's estate – Weragrin Stronghammer. Unfortunately, the young woman's limited resources were unable to locate the dwarf beyond a rumor that he has been imprisoned somewhere in the Undercity.

The party sets out to gather more information, acquiring rough maps of both the Top Side and the Undercity, as well as discovering an old acquaintence of Uthgar's at the temple of H'elm, Jojenel of the Winterborne (though she is later revealed to be willing to cut corners as the high priestess and thus loses favor with Uthgar), and making a contact in the Thieves' Guild, a teenage human girl. The party reluctantly makes a pact with her when she threatens to take the information she's gathered to another crew unless adequately compensated for the loss of one her sources.

The information the thief can provide proves useful – she has discovered that Weragrin has been "disappeared," and an unnamed prisoner was logged into Grubendies, a maximum security prison. She is reasonably confident the unnamed prisoner is their missing dwarf, and the party begins to plot how they will infiltrate the prison in order to gain access to him. The thief agrees to pull some strings and get Uthgar into the next shift of guards scheduled to work in the prison. She tells them it will take a couple of days, however, and the group decides to patronize the local Adventurers' Guild in order to gain some clout and coin.

At the Guild, Varis, Grokk, Carella, and Helcar all register for membership (Uthgar was back at the temple of H'elm, uncovering Jojenel's duplicity) and alight on a promising appeal requested by a spice merchant. Some bandits ambushed him on the road from Allumdale, a nearby port town, taking his newly acquired supply of spices and the gold he'd earned from trading in the town. The party agrees to help him retrieve his wares and he promises Uthgar that if they bring back both the gold and the spices, he will become a follower of H'elm and spread the word along his trade routes. The group easily finds the ambush spot and discovers the bandit camp. They handily dispatch with the outlaws and recover not only the spices and gold, but a crate of fine silks they may be able to have their new fence (their thief contact) sell, some food, and a packet of letters that they believe may contain interesting correspondences.

With that, the party returned to Hirgrin to rest up after their productive day.


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