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  • Yaris Vilspath

    Yaris Vilspath is a human war hero turned engineer. Always looking out for the common man, he was beginning to amass a following among the city's metalworkers and rumors were they intended to unionize. His attitude shifted abruptly, however, and all talks …

  • Kar fa'Naren

    Kar fa'Naren is a half-elf statesman. A politician to the bone, he cares most about wealth and power and will do anything to ensure he retains both, but with his charm and cunning, he has created a facade that is above reproach.

  • Weragrin Stronghammer

    The architect in charge of the recent renovations to [[:kar-fa-naren | Kar fa'Naren's]] estate in [[Hirgrin | Hirgrin]]. He is currently missing, believed to be secreted away in the maximum security dwarven prison, [[Grubendies | Grubendies]] in the [[ …

  • Jojenel of the Winterborne

    A high priestess of H'elm. Due to the low numbers of converts in [[Hirgrin | Hirgrin]], Jojenel's adherence to the order's rituals has become lax over time.

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